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How Supplements help your Dog fight Cancer

It is a well known fact that a compromised immune system is the root cause of the dreaded disease of cancer.  Read Article

Alternative therapies for older dogs

Thanks to a variety of non-invasive treatment options such as dog acupuncture, canine massage, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and even Reiki, that are alternative therapies meant for older dogs. Let us find out more about these...  Read Article

Preventing Cancer Using Holistic Care

In most cases, you did not cause your pet's cancer nor could you have prevented it. However, using holistic preventive care is the best approach to minimize the chance of your pet developing cancer or any other diseases.  Read Article

Holistic care for senior dogs

When we own a senior dog, we need to ensure that he or she is well cared and loved. This comes along with the joy of owning a pet. Most of the times, we come across times of uncertainty with regards to making decision and dealing with grief. As we cope with such inevitable medical challenges that the older dogs face, we find ourselves taking the vet's word as final on the condition of our dogs and forget the fact that there are many different ways to treat and heal our dog. These methods are the ones that are beyond traditional medicine  Read Article

Canine Nasal Cancer

Nose cancer (or nasal adenocarcinoma) occurs when too many cells in the animal's nasal and sinus passages come together. The disease progresses slowly and occurs both in dogs and cats. Studies have shown nose cancer is more common in larger animal breeds than in smaller ones, and it may be more common in males than females.  Read Article

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Healthy homemade treats for your beloved bowwow. They're easy to make and easy to serve.

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Phyllis Sinavage,  posted on 21st April 2012

Thank you for developing such a wonderful product! Mom is really happy and excited that she wants to share the results with everyone she can.   Read complete story